His name is Easton Paxton.

I recently attempted to qualify for the United States Open and I chose a local qualifying in Riverton, Wyoming.  I chose Riverton not just because it was the closest site to my summer job at Three Crowns Golf Club in Casper, Wyoming but because I wanted to meet somebody.  That somebody is a young man, a freshman at Riverton High School.  His name is Easton Paxton.

Easton shot 66 to win the qualifying.  I shot 71 and was second, eventually losing a playoff for the alternate spot.  That was not the point.  The point is there is always talk of who the next guy is.  Tiger turns into Jordan who turns into the next guy.  Perhaps Easton is the next guy.  At least in my opinion and observation there is a good chance that I have met the next guy.

I texted Ron Sirak of Golf Digest and here is a short story he wrote.  Other than I am 56 not 46 the word is out.  The next guy might be from Riverton, Wyoming.  Here is the link:


David Ogrin

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