Now come on Bellevue!

On this golf coaching adventure I am on I had the pleasure of stopping in Omaha to help my friend Shelly Liddick and the Bellevue University Women’s Golf Team.  On a very cold day we went to a classroom with a carpet and we putted.  The issue was the Bruin golf team was averaging 8-10 three putts every day in competition.  And they were winning!  The NAIA National Championship finishes today, Friday May 23, 2014 and the Bellevue Bruins are in 4th place heading into the final round.  Yesterday they shot 299, the low round of the tournament.  For those who don’t speak college golf that is 74.75 stokes average for the four players who counted.  So far that is the low team round of the tournament!

I had become dissatisfied with how I was teaching putting.  So I went and sought out Geoff Mangum a mad scientist, researcher, genius, teacher of a putting coach.  Geoff is currently in Europe teaching putting but his system is titled The Putting Zone.  I shared the Putting Zone with Bellevue and here they are in 4th place at nationals with an outside chance to win.  To win today they might need to shoot 295, but they can do it!

As I write this it is a little bit like being an expectant father waiting for word that the miracle has happened.  We know that miracle is hard work and Bellevue Bruins have done the work.  I believe a miracle can happen today.

Not unlike what Bellevue is doing today on Tuesday the Kelly Walsh High School boys came from 13 back to win the Wyoming Eastern Conference tournament.  Essentially I coach all the boys on Kelly Walsh and when they texted me the results my response was, “Of course!”  Keaton Elmer, Ryan Lamb, Michael Layton, Corban Hill, and Drew Petrie are some of the toughest mined kids I have ever met.  They need to be because high school golf in Wyoming is harsh.  Lamb, Layton, and Hill finish their high school careers on a win.  The joy of coaching is the joy of success by your students.  It is a fun time.

I am not sure what other college coaches are looking for.  But if you are a college coach looking for tough, motivated, hardworking kids I am a fan of Wyoming kids.  I’ll take them all at Texas Lutheran.  And I am going to try.

Now come on Bellevue!

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