Finding Your Purpose

I am getting asked all the time why I am not still playing.  I actually get a little embarrassed by the question since it is a form of peer pressure and the little boy in me always has a little nudge to drop what I am doing and succumb.

I pay attention to various great coaches around the country and the world via all the social media. John Kessel from USA Volleyball posted this recently and this picture is worth a thousand words.


The Champions Tour for me came to miss the center mark of this picture. This is opposed to my years on the PGA Tour where I totally felt I was in the middle, a star of purpose. Senior professional golf left me lacking in the love and need to do it.

When I took the job at Three Crowns Golf Club in Casper, Wyoming, and later the job as Assistant Golf Coach at Texas Lutheran University, I recovered the star in the middle. I came here to regain a purpose. I help at TLU because of the purpose.

If you are uncomfortable about being a star find some of Jimmy Walker’s photos of the universe. There are a lot of stars. Being a star is not special; it is just you being you. My wish for you is to find that which makes you the star in the middle.

David Ogrin