What My Students Saw at the BMW Championship

Trent Wearner

1. During the practice round Rory didn’t take any practice swings.

2. One student estimates that about half of the field uses the line on the ball to aim on putts and about half didn’t.

3. They swing so easy.

4. They often put several minutes in between shots on the range.

5. Warm up with very short swings, work through the bag and come back to end with some wedges.

6. Smooth tempo.

7. A better player said he wasn’t impressed by the shots they hit and felt that he could hit the same shots.

8. They all hit it nicely on the range and not quite as consistently well on the course.

9. Spent a couple of hours watching from just off of one of the greens and only a handful of players hit that particular green in regulation.

10. They make really solid contact.

11. Saw Stuart Appleby doing a drill on the range at the Masters in 2009 and he was still doing that same drill in 2014 at the BMW

12. They hit the ball in the rough and trees more than originally thought.

13. They are fantastic at recovering from all sorts of lies and situations.

14. They don’t go all out on their wedge shots and their wedges travel very low.

Trent is one of those unmet associates I have in golf instruction. I use his book Golf Scrimmages to organize some of my practices. These 14 things Trent posted on his Facebook are observations from his students at the 2014 BMW Championship at Cherry Hills in Denver.

I mentioned to him it is an outline for another book. If he won’t write it I will.

David Ogrin